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Pack 4 units.

When the perfect level of fizziness, the exact level of freshness, and the precise level of bitterness get together, LE TRIBUTE Tonic water happens. Let the bubbling begin!

100% Natural ingredients

Quinine from Ecuador

To prepare our Tonic water, we harvest quinine in the Loja province, in Ecuador, the place where was originated.


Our tonic water contains a distillation of lemongrass in water, which provides its unique flavor.

The purest water

The water used is sourced from a natural spring belonging to the distillery and is filtered via a reverse osmosis process until it becomes demineralized and flavorless.

How do we create it?


To achieve a strong and long-lasting fizz, we use the latest technology to chill the liquid to 2ºC and produce a mixer with the perfect level of fizziness and freshness from beginning to end.

The bottle

It is the first square-shaped bottle on the market for a carbonated beverage: the latest industrial design techniques allow us to bottle the tonic water into square-shaped containers. A unique bottle that can bear high pressure.

Mixing options


20 ml Campari

30 ml Cointreau

20 ml fresh lemon juice

Garnish: NO or lemon peel

Shake all ingredients except tonic water in ice-filled shaker.

Strain in ice-filled thin collins glass and fill with Le Tribute Tonic Water.


Bugs Collins

40 ml Le Tribute Gin

30 ml fresh lime juice

20 ml organic carrot juice

15 ml simple syrup

30 ml Le Tribute Tonic Water

Garnish: NO

Shake all ingredients except Tonic Water in ice-filled shaker.

Serve in ice-filled thin Collins glass and top up with Le Tribute Tonic Water

Le Tribute G&T

50 ml Le Tribute Gin

1 bottle of Le Tribute Tonic

Garnish: Grapefruit peel

Build in Spanish-style Gin Tonic glass over large ice and garnish with thick

grapefruit peel.

Special bottle

Every detail counts. So we designed the first & only square-shaped bottle on the market for a carbonated beverage.


Using the latest techniques, we chill the liquid to 2ºC to achieve a strong and long-lasting fizz; from beginning to end.

Perfect match

LE TRIBUTE Tonic Water matches LE TRIBUTE Gin perfectly. Combining their flavors, aromas and textures, they create the best of Gin & Tonics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Petar Kovachev
the best

one of the best tonic water ever

Roxanne Macias
Exceptional Tonic!

This small crafted batch of tonics are exceptional! I really enjoy all the flavors they have!

Krisztian Juhasz


Sinead Scannell
Lovely tonic water

Really nice and not too sweet, just placing a second order

Lance George
Excellent Tonic

We had the tonic when we in Spain and loved it so much that we ordered 6 4 packs to ship to us in Chicago. The tonic taste amazing and the bottle is gorgeous. My only complaint is that the 4 packs were not packed well. The bottles were put directly on the bottom of box. One bottle broke in transit, but I am perfectly happy to have gotten 23 out of the 24 bottles. I will definitely be ordering again. Many thanks for making an excellent product.

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