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Made of 11 citric botanicals, LE TRIBUTE Gin is the freshest (yet dry enough) you’ve ever tasted. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

100% Natural ingredients


We select and harvest by hand the most mature juniper berries from the Giró family’s land in Teruel.


We distill the herbs with water as it is the best way to extract essential oils from citronella.

Orange and lemon

We use two types of oranges from Valencia and lemons from Seville, marinated together to guarantee a perfectly balanced distillate that blends flawlessly with the other botanical ingredients in our gin.


We use three types of grapefruits that combine perfectly to achieve a bittersweet flavor, resulting in the freshest liquid.


We add this citrus fruit that is native to China and provides acidity as well as freshness.


From the Mediterranean coast, we use mandarins to give a sweet touch to our gin.


Last but not least, we add limes to round off the fresh flavor of the gin.

How do we create it?

Alcohol base

We use an alcoholic base of the highest quality wheat and barley.

Selection of botanicals

After the artisanal selection of the botanicals, there is another level of quality control in the distillery, before the shelling and manual maceration.


We distill each botanic group individually, and later the master distiller elaborates the mixture following the recipe of the Giró family.

Mixing options

Carrot Lady

40 ml Le Tribute Gin

30 ml carrot cordial*

30 ml fresh lime juice

1/4 barspoon Yellow Aji paste

10 ml simple syrup

10 ml fresh Egg white or pasteurised egg white

Garnish: ‘Crunchy’ carrot**

Shake all ingredients in ice-filled shaker..

Serve straight up in cocktail glass.

Bugs Collins

40 ml Le Tribute Gin

30 ml fresh lime juice

20 ml organic carrot juice

15 ml simple syrup

30 ml Le Tribute Tonic Water

Garnish: NO

Shake all ingredients except Tonic Water in ice-filled shaker.

Serve in ice-filled thin Collins glass and top up with Le Tribute Tonic Water

Le Tribute G&T

50 ml Le Tribute Gin

1 bottle of Le Tribute Tonic

Garnish: Grapefruit peel

Build in Spanish-style Gin Tonic glass over large ice and garnish with thick

grapefruit peel.

Fresh soul

Our Gin is prepared with 11 well-selected citric botanicals that give it an exceptional freshness.

Unique recipe

Combining tradition, innovation, and passion, we created a unique recipe with a peerless taste.

Artisanal & Natural

All the ingredients we use are natural and of the highest quality, and we only use artisanal processes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Espectacular 🙌🏻☺️

Espectacular Ginebra.. y si se suma un servicio de atención al cliente y envío inmejorable, lo correcto es dar las gracias a todo el equipo de *Le Tribute!!!

Cant get enough of it

This is great

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