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Pack 4 units.

A unique combination of natural lemon juice and a subtle but unmistakable olive touch. Taste LE TRIBUTE Olive lemonade and feel the exquisite.

100% Natural ingredients

Natural lemon juice

After peeling the lemons and saving their peel to macerate and distill it, we extract their juice as the base of our lemonade.

Olives and lemon peel

We distill the lemon peels in water with a small number of olives to extract their oils and aromas and give the drink its subtle but unmistakable olive touch.


We add a touch of seawater to enhance both the flavors of the olives and the lemons.

How do we create it?

Demineralized and flavorless water

We extract the water from a spring in our own distillery through a process of reverse osmosis, which guarantees the highest level of purity.


The smooth and long-lasting fizz is created by gentle and integrated carbonization, and by the liquid being chilled to 2ºC before being bottled.

Mixing options

Bitter Olive

50 ml Le Tribute Olive Lemonade

30 ml Astobiza Vermouth

20 ml Amontillado

20 ml Cynar

Garnish: 2 Gordal olives

Build in ice-filled collins glass and garnish with olives.

Savoury Gin Fizz

10 ml Le Tribute Gin

30 ml Manzanilla

30 ml fresh lime juice

10 ml simple syrup

3 drops saline solution*

30 ml Le Tribute Olive Lemonade

Garnish: Kalamata olive macerated in PX sherry**

Shake all ingredients except olive lemonade in ice-filled shaker.

Serve straight up in flute glass and add Le Tribute Olive Lemonade. Garnish.

A touch of seawater

We add a touch of seawater to enhance both the flavors of the olives and the lemons.

Mixed or alone

Drink our Olive lemonade alone or mix it with your favorite distillate. You’ll enjoy it both ways.

Aromatic experience

At first, we notice a delicate and surprising olive note and later the intense aroma of natural lemon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love le tribute olive limonate. Sandly some of the bottles were broken 🙁

Quratulain Tariq
Lemonade with an olive twist

Haven't tasted anything like it before, good flavour combination. May not be for everyone palate but we thoroughly enjoyed it

Maria Baron

Olive lemonade is the most amazing complement for my vodka. Flavor is out of this world. I enjoy every sip of my drink!

Excellent lemonade

I'll definitely buy it again!

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